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If I see something that is a small replica of anything I freak out.

According to fairy lore, fairies watch over humans as they flit through flowers and hide among rustling leaves.

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Making a Kitchen Fairy Garden is a wonderful activity to do with your kids this summer.

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All you need to create your very own fairy garden is a container, some potting mix, a few plants and accessories, and a healthy dose of imagination.I totally get the appeal - I love the idea of creating inviting little spaces for garden fairies to lounge in.

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Ultimate Fairy Garden Guide: What Are They and How to Make Your Own.A fairy garden can be for the outdoors or indoors, in a fancy flower pot or a simple box.This Fairy Garden is one of my favorites because each little house is handmade out of cement.

Fairy gardens are usually miniature, where you make a scenario of your imagination.My friend Karen McBride just loves to make fairy gardens and this time she came up with a super cute one made in a basket instead of a terrarium like she used in her Christmas Themed Fairy Garden.

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So first off, what you will need to do is use the box cutter to cut a triangle shape into the pot.First things first, I needed to figure out a way to turn the clock into a planter and keep the fairy garden bits inside.I marked the glass and got the friendly chaps at the hardware store to cut it for me.

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A fairy garden, so far as that is concerned, is your entryway to be gone by these ethereal animals appropriate in the solaces of your home.

Although this is a mini fairy garden, it can serve like an idea how to rearrange and decorate your garden in actual size.To make a fairy garden, choose a container and location for your garden.

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Fairies and their little assistants have constantly entranced youthful and old alike.

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Make an enchanting prototype for your backyard area with a mini-garden display such as this one.This kid-made fairy garden is simple to make with items you can probably find around the house, and it provides a charming place.Fairy houses and gardens are very popular for gardens these days, and even for interior decor—and no wonder.

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